Transportation Development Plan of Action


Work with local, regional and state governmental bodies and other groups to define transportation problems, suggest solutions, set priorities and build support for implementation of projects.


  • Monitor the multi-billion dollar NC Highway Trust Fund as it relates to highway construction in the High Country and be ready to act if the need arises.
  • Work with the Town of Boone, Watauga County and ASU to set priorities for inclusion in the NC Transportation Improvement Plan; monitor projects already listed in the TIP; and work to implement short-range traffic improvements within Boone and Watauga County.
  • Support the development of an acceptable thoroughfare plan for Boone (Daniel Boone Parkway) and be an advocate for its completion.
  • Support alternative transportation systems that offer multi-modal transportation benefits.


  • Serve on the Rural Technical Coordinating Committee
  • Work cooperatively on transportation issues vital to our region’s economic well-being, including:
  • Northwest Regional Advisory Council of Advantage West
  • Regional transportation Planning Organization of the High Country Council of Governments
  • Town of Boone Transportation Committee