everGREEN Plan of Action


To promote the adoption and practice of sustainable development principles which foster broadly shared economic prosperity while preserving the environment for future generations.


  • Promote educational meetings and workshops in all areas of sustainable development and green business practices.
  • Encourage businesses, local governments and the community at large to increase the sustainability and resilience of their operations through the application of Best Practices for energy and water conservation, purchase of local products and services, and use of renewable energy and alternative fuels.
  • Promote sustainable development by linking businesses interested in increasing their sustainability with green product and service providers/vendors.
  • Promote local agricultural development and encourage traditional and alternative agriculture or farm based initiatives through collaboration with individuals and organizations that represent those initiatives in the region.


  • Develop and execute a Communications Plan that delivers information about sustainable business practices into the chamber membership and the community at large and fosters the adoption of those practices.
    • Develop or obtain content
    • Arrange for the delivery of content via print and broadcast media
  • Represent the Chamber on the Annual Farm-City Banquet Committee and sponsor the Tuckwiller Award, presented annually to the outstanding community of the year.
  • Provide a public forum for organizations with initiatives fostering sustainability and sustainable practices to share information about those initiatives. Share/disseminate information about those initiatives through Chamber information channels such asThe Chamber Voice, everGREEN Tips, etc.
  • Set up demonstration projects for sustainability enhancing programs, such as home or business energy audits using existing traditional media and emerging channels (internet video streams) to increase public awareness and acceptance.
  • Promote the Green Business Plan within and beyond the Chamber membership.
  • Promote, endorse and participate in the “Boone Green Drinks” Social Networking Organization.
  • Promote and administer the everGREEN Award for Leadership in Sustainability Annual Award presented at the Chamber Annual Meeting.