Education Plan of Action


Provide a forum to discuss the advancement of educational issues and for business and industry to actively support education in Watauga County, providing a conduit through which ideas and suggestions can flow between educational leaders and the business community.


  • Promote linkages between educational institutions and employers that are designed to advance the caliber of education/training to meet 21st century needs of area business, industry and the community, through programs such as:
    • Internships
    • Graduation projects
    • Cutting edge technology
    • Imagination Library
  • Participate in collaborative efforts between Watauga County Schools, the Watauga Campus of Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute and Appalachian State University.
  • Support efforts on behalf of children and students which address:
    • quality early childhood development options
    • prevention of under-age substance use
    • integration of life skills into the school curriculum
    • exposure to the broad spectrum of the arts
    • cross-cultural international exchange program opportunities
    • initiatives to increase high school completion
    • adequate funding for educational programming at all levels


  • Promote the Watauga County Schools Spelling Bee and encourage student participation.
  • Conduct the Spelling Bee for Grown Ups using the proceeds to fund community educational programs/organizations.