Plan of Action – Boone Area Chamber of Commerce


To unite businesses, professionals, organizations, groups, educational institutions and individuals who are committed to build a better community.


To advance economic prosperity and to encourage public/private cooperation that will broaden the economic base and enhance the quality of life in our community.

  • Promote the adoption and practice of sustainable development principles which foster broadly shared economic prosperity while preserving the environment for future generations. (everGreen)
  • Provide a forum to discuss the advancement of educational issues and for business and industry to actively support education in Watauga County, providing a conduit through which ideas and suggestions can flow between educational leaders and the business community. (Education)
  • Work with local, regional and state governmental bodies and other groups to define transportation problems, suggest solutions, set priorities and build support for implementation of projects. (Government Relations)
  • Create and implement programs that will engage the community and university in cooperative dialog and sharing of resources which stimulate business, enhance the quality of life and ignite community spirit in the High Country. (Community/University Engagement)
  • Use member expertise and resources in the support of existing business growth and prosperity and to assist entrepreneurs and companies seeking to expand/relocate to the High Country. (Business Development)
  • Serve as the voice of the business community in matters of public policy. (Government Relations)
  • Implement a leadership development program designed to meet the High Country’s need for the active participation of informed and educated leaders. (Watauga Leadership Challenge)
  • Provide current, relevant information and resources which encourages Chamber membership and fosters member retention. (Membership Services)